Taking it to the Next Level

Do you like challenging yourself? Do you have a passion for learning? Did you know that the ADAA offers a Fellowship and Mastership program for those of us that want to take it to the next level? To begin, you must first be an active member in the ADAA to become eligible. Sorry, students are not able to participate in these programs.

There are two pathways, either clinical or business for either the Fellowship or Mastership program. For the Fellowship program you must complete 300 hours of approved continuing education credits. If you have your Dental Assisting National Board or State Certifications you may apply. 150 hours will be granted towards your credit hours. You are half way done!! The Fellowship program must be completed within 10 years of your start date.

Once you have received approval for the completion of your Fellowship, you may apply and begin your Mastership. To become a Master you must be an active member of the ADAA who has completed the Fellowship program and completed an additional 400 hours of approved continuing education (CE). The continuing education credits for the Mastership program cannot be duplicate CE credits from Fellowship. Once again, it must be completed within 10 years from the start date.

Join the ADAA to become an active member, apply for your Fellowship, get your CE’s, obtain your Fellowship, and then become a Master. Go to www.adaausa.org to find the application and guidelines.

I take pride in having accomplished both my Fellowship and my Mastership. It was hard work but very rewarding. Are you ready to take it to the next level?

Theresa Anderson, CDA, EFDA, MADAA, CDIA, CDIM

ILDAA Executive Board Secretary

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