Joining the ILDAA is easy! 

Membership includes FREE online continuing education available 24/7, $50,000 professional liability insurance, plus many other benefits and discounts!

The first step to joining the ILDAA is to become a member of the American Dental Assistant Association (ADAA).

Download ADAA membership application here

Types of ADAA Membership:

  • Active Members

All members of ADAA are Active Members, even non-paying types of membership such as Life Retired. All types of active members count toward each state’s delegate counts, except students and E-Members. ($115 National Dues + $10 Liability Insurance + $23 IL State Dues = $148)

  • Renewing Members

Once payment is received at Central Office, it may be 1-3 days before your payment is processed. Next, payment information is entered into our database in the order in which it is received. This can take up to 4 weeks during peak periods. ($115 National Dues + $10 Liability Insurance + $23 IL State Dues = $148)

  • New Members

The processing order and time for new members is the same as for renewals.
Furthermore, processing time is substantially delayed for incomplete applications. Some examples:

Missing or incomplete dues payment
Missing required information (address, name, etc.)
Incorrect address
Missing instructor’s signature or program/school information (student members only)

($115 National Dues + $10 Liability Insurance + $23 IL State Dues = $148)

  • Student Member and Graduated Dues Structure

($35 No Insurance, $45 With Insurance)

Download ADAA student membership application

Students pay $35 for membership and an additional, optional $10 for professional liability insurance. An instructor’s signature is required with a student membership application to verify that the person applying is currently enrolled in a dental assisting program.

  • Graduated Student Dues Discount (offered only to renewing students)

During the first year after graduation, dues for Active 1st year students, or A1, including liability insurance will be $60 plus $23 (IL State Dues). Active 2nd year, A2 will be $80 (included liability insurance) plus $23 (IL State Dues) and Active 3rd year, A3, will be $100 (included liability insurance) plus $23 (IL State Dues). The 4th year full dues will be charged.

Benefits of ADAA Membership:

  • FREE on-line continuing education, available 24/7
  • New members receive an ADAA Membership Pin
  • $50,000 professional liability insurance
  • FREE job search through the ADAA Job Search powered by DentReps
  • $2,000 of accidental death and dismemberment insurance (up to age 70)
  • Eligibility for the ADAA Fellowship and Mastership programs
  • Membership and networking in State and Local Chapters
  • Discounts on hard copy home study continuing education courses and NO grading fees for members
  • FREE access to the on-line journal, The Dental Assistant
  • Member Dashboard – your own personal tracking area on the ADAA website (click here for more information)
  • Private Health Exchange
  • Employer Private Health Exchange Quoting
  • RxSavings Plus (CVS/Caremark)
  • Hearing Aid Discounts
  • Free Nutritional Analysis & Plan
  • PrivacyArmor (InfoArmor Identity Theft Protection) – the leading identity and credit monitoring program)
  • Chesapeake’s Basic and Premiere Dental PPO plans (to supplement your existing plans)
  • Chesapeake’s Premiere Vision plan (to supplement your existing plans)
  • ID Theft Family Protection
  • Cyber Insurance
  • Guaranteed Acceptance Whole life insurance
  • Discounts on hotels
  • Reduced rates for rental cars
  • Credit Card Programs – even cards for student members to those who qualify