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Is your sterilizer working efficiently?

Hey DA’s check out this blog from our friends at Hu-Friedy

Delta Dental Foundation: Recruiting Dental Offices for Training

In 2012, Delta Dental of Illinois and its Foundation launched the statewide Dentist By 1 campaign to educate parents and caregivers about the importance of taking their children to the dentist by age 1 and to encourage them to schedule a visit. To continue to build awareness about the importance of age 1 visits, Delta Dental […]

Taking it to the Next Level

Do you like challenging yourself? Do you have a passion for learning? Did you know that the ADAA offers a Fellowship and Mastership program for those of us that want to take it to the next level? To begin, you must first be an active member in the ADAA to become eligible. Sorry, students are not […]

Don’t be the cable company

Are you making your patients feel honored to be a part of your dental family or an existing customer of the cable company? New patients are the life blood of most dental offices, and we spend valuable resources attracting them.   But what about patients that have already been in to see how amazing your office […]

Are you as protected as you think?

How well is your favorite mask protecting you from the millions of bacteria that are a part of every dental assistants day?  With so many options available, how do you determine what choices are right for you? In the October 2014 edition of the The Dental Advisor,  Dr John Molinari, Ph.D., and Peri Nelson, B.S.,  talk about masks […]

Mission of Mercy in Springfield Illinois

Your Illinois Dental Assistants Association- ILDAA team hard at work supporting Mission of Mercy– (MOM), in Springfield Illinois. Sharing their skill, passion and dedication to supporting our community. #givingback #lovewhatwedo #DAsDoALL #ILDAA