Are you as protected as you think?

How well is your favorite mask protecting you from the millions of bacteria that are a part of every dental assistants day?  With so many options available, how do you determine what choices are right for you?

In the October 2014 edition of the The Dental Advisor,  Dr John Molinari, Ph.D., and Peri Nelson, B.S.,  talk about masks and the different levels of protection that they offer.

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MOM- Mission of Mercy supporting communities

Drum roll please……..

the results are in!!!!!

The Illinois Dental Assistants Association,  the Illinois State Dental Society  and 1106 of our closest friends partnered together earlier this month in Springfield, Illinois for the annual MOM- Mission of Mercy. Thank you to everyone for your support of this amazing event.

Final totals for 2018  Mission of Mercy:

Total dollar amount of donated care: $1,013,567.55
1,106 Volunteers
1,180 Patient Visits
1,170 Fillings
1,321 Extracted Teeth
683 Cleanings
152 Partial Dentures
69 Root Canals
894 X-rays


LoriSchmidt headshot                  




The officers representing the ILDAA Illinois Dental Assistants Association are as follows:

Lori Schmidt, President

Kim Plate, President-Elect

Sherrie Busby, Vice President

Pat Pearson, Treasurer.

For the complete list of the officers and board members visit the OFFICERS page

We are looking forward to helping our association grow and working with our members!